May 8, 2016


Public Speaking For Entrepreneurs

Wed, March 22nd | 12-1:30pm | $25 - Register Here

Entrepreneurs need to hone their speaking skills be able to build their personal brand and to grow their business. Public speaking occurs in everyday situations such as speaking at a networking event, describing your service or product to a potential client or presenting in front of a group. Join us for a lively and interactive session to transform your public speaking. 

The Art of Listening: Communication & Leadership Workshop

Thurs, March 23rd | 4-5:30pm | Free - Register Here

Everything seems to beg for our attention these days, and especially with the rise of social media, we've started to tune things out more than ever. It is more important than ever to slow down and listen. Listening can help us learn about our internal struggles, fortify relationships, and become respected leaders. This training combines mindful listening and communication techniques used in leadership and professional development, negotiation training, counseling and conflict resolution.


Sale Skills for Freelance Entrepreneurs

Wed, March 22nd | 6-8pm | $25 - Register Here

As entrepreneurs, we are our strongest advocate, salesperson, and marketer. However, have you ever asked yourself these questions? How do I gain more clients without being too sales-y? How can I make my passion more important for my clients? or How do I get a bigger reach so that more people can see my product and/or services? In this workshop, you will learn how to communicate effectively to sell to clients and more importantly position yourself so that you can stand out. 

Intro To Storytelling

Wed, March 8th | 7:30-9pm | $25 - Register Here

You can be a storyteller and it’s about how you tell it! No matter if you just want to tell be
tter stories to friends, to co-workers, pitch to investors or be the next best motivational speaker. This workshop will equip you with the necessary tools to tell the best stories, grab the attention of others and help you share your experiences.

How To Be A Successful Networker

Wed, March 8th | 5-7:30pm | Free - Register Here

Networking and building personal 1-on-1 relationships is crucial to growing your professional circle. Effective networking will lead to more clients, new insights and better connections. Discover how you can be a top networker by working on actionable steps that you can take to become more memorable and helpful to your new connections.  Join us in this interactive workshop to practice the art of networking.


The Art of Conversation

Wed, March 8th | 12-1:30pm | $25 - Register Here

Want to become a better conversationalist? Effective conversation skills are crucial to your success in life, work, and relationships. In this workshop, you will practice speaking and listening and engage in activities that will work on your conversation and people skills.


How To Land A TEDx Talk

Wed, March 15th| 6-7:30pm | Free - Register Here

Have you always wanted to give a TEDx talk? Don't wait till next year or one day in the future to really think about applying.  You can do it now!  This workshop will teach you everything you need to know on how to apply, get selected, hone your message and give the talk of your life.  




How To Connect With Anyone

Wed, March 14th| 6-7:30pm | Free - Register Here

What if you can be the best conversationalist and connect with anyone that you meet? Social skills are crucial to our personal and professional success. We do not get taught "social skills lessons" in school and most of us learn on our own and mimic the people we are surrounded with. Join us in this workshop to improve your people skills!