October 31, 2016


Let’s Work Together!

My coaching services are catered to your needs. We can meet virtually or in-person to help you or your team enhance your communication skills.  Coaching sessions are usually 30 mins | 1-hour | 1-hour and 30mins long. Workshops/Seminars could be adjusted for half-days or full-days. Longer programs can be available upon discussion.

Interested in hiring Kit to speak?  Download Kit’s speaker one-sheet here.

Presentation & Public Speaking Skills Coaching

How to be more engaging | Relating to the audience | Using powerpoint effetively  | Getting over your fear of speaking in public | How to be more motivational & inspirational | Improving your body language & vocal variety.

Keynote Creation & Coaching 

How to structure your keynote address |  The power of storytelling to relate, convince and inspire | How to build your signature talk and hone in on your key message

Job Interviews Coaching

Mock interviews | Advice and feedback | Tips on how to ace your interview | Get clear and focused on what you need to convey

Pitching to Investors Coaching

Review of your pitch deck | How to persuade investors | Practice to avoid stumbles and nervousness

Build Your Speaking Empire Coaching

How to get started as a speaker | How to book speaking engagements | Honing your message

Session Formats

• Individual

• Small group

• Workshop

• Seminar

• Keynote Speaker

• Mastermind Group

Ways To Meet

• In-person

• Remote

Get the conversation going!  Talk with Kit and see how you can get started today!