Hi! I'm Kit.

Welcome to BostonSpeaks! I'm here to help you fall in love with public speaking.

If I wrote an autobiography, it would be titled From Introvert to Extrovert.

I used to be shy and whenever I would find myself in a group or class setting, I would feel very hesitant to speak up and express my thoughts. I had an accent and thought that what I had to say wouldn't sound smart or that my contributions didn't matter. At the end of my senior year at Hamilton College, I entered a public speaking competitions (for the grand prize of $2,000, of course!) I practiced my butt off for hours, days and weeks. When I was on stage, I felt it. You know the moment when time slows down and everything seems to be flowing. I felt that I was able to express myself freely and didn't have to hold back. I loved it and I couldn't get enough of public speaking.

In the back of my mind, whenever I saw great speakers present a keynote or talk on a panel, I always wondered how they became a speaker. I wanted to do exactly that - inspire, motivate and help others grow. In 2016, I stopped my gig as a hip hop dancer, choreographer and office manager at a dance studio (you will have to hear me talk about dance in person, if you want the full story!), took the leap of faith, launched BostonSpeaks and hustled my way into the speaking world. In October 2016, I started the BostonSpeaksSeries for the entrepreneurial community where individuals could come together, pick the brains of experts, gain new insights and build stronger relationships.

Let's connect. Shoot me an email to say hello! #MakeItHappen | @kitpangx | @boston_speaks

My Public Speaking Journey So Far




MA Conference For Women

Hosting the BostonSpeaksSeries, a free breakfast panel series for the entrepreneurial community. First Friday, every month.

Honored to have the opportunity to help the U.S. Coast Guard take their public speaking to the next level!

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