April 4, 2017

BostonSpeaksTalks – Helping You Discover The Power Of Communication

You are being issued a 30 day live stream video challenge. Would you do it?

What were your initial thoughts and feelings after you read the above statement? Did you feel nervous, anxious, fearful, and/or doubtful? Did that inner critic in your head tell you, “You can’t do it. There is no way you can come up with content for 30 days. Who are you to do this challenge? Who is going to even want to listen to you? Say no, say NO!” 

If these thoughts sound similar,  understand that you are not alone. You are actually in very good company. Learn how Kelly Espino took on a 30 day livestream challenge, silenced her inner critic, faced her fear, and discovered more than she ever thought.

Date: Tues, May 9th, 9:30am | Register Here 

Communication is the medium through which leaders interact with their team. The way he or she talks with the team, questions the team’s ideas, and solidifies the team’s commitments is a powerful force which influences the group’s dynamics, the level of thinking, and the ownership within the team. There is no other leadership competency that is as critical to successful leadership as the ability to communicate! Join us as Dr. Curtis Odom discusses how effective leaders communicate.

Date: Thurs, May 9th, 9:30am | Register Here


  • Listening |Perception | Feedback | Debate Versus Dialogue |Conversations for Results


There’s a lot of talk about the power of story-telling in business and life. And it’s all true. But anyone who continues to teeter on edge at Aunt Mildred’s 100th retelling of one tale, only to doze off when Uncle Fred tells it once, knows that not all story-telling is created equal. What makes one telling compel people to tears and even action? And another annoy you? Learn the secrets of transformational story telling with renowned reconteur James Lopata.

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  • The 6 classic components of truly transformative story-telling
  • The three Ps to captivating your listeners from beginning to end
  • The #1 secret to getting people to want you’re offering


Do you want to improve your communication skills to speak more smoothly and confidently? If you're willing to put in the time and work, you can learn how to master your speech and become articulate, clear and precise.  Today Karen Astin, will talk about how you can practice to speak more fluently and transform your life.

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  • Quick Hacks: speaking loudly, slowly, adding voicing on the fly
  • Nerdy, Dirty, Science: muscle memory, auditory, discrimination
  • How to practice daily to speak clearly
  • How to practice when you can't afford a coach



What does public speaking mean for you? Is it something that makes you cringe when you know you have to speak in front of a large crowd or is it a moment that you live for? Today Angela Lussier, will talk about how public speaking and discovering your voice leads to insight about who you are.

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2 things every speaker must consider before every talk

The STAGE System 

And more!



Do you find yourself being uncomfortable speaking in public?  Most people have a fear of public speaking because it is so hard to "be yourself" when you are in front of a crowd.  Today Catherine Storing, will talk about how to unlock your speaking potential by finding your voice.

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Talking about what you love (your passion topic)

Speaking is your ticket out & in

The more you speak, the better you get at it.