BostonSpeaks was created to help you gain the guidance, knowledge and inspiration you need to become an eloquent communicator and exemplary leader. 

Meet Kit Pang

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Hi, I'm Kit, the founder of BostonSpeaks. I'm here to equip you with the mindset, methods and motivation you need to succeed as an iconic communicator, leader and public speaker. 


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You see, I was so shy...

1) When the phone would ring, I would pretend that I wasn't at home.

2) I would wait till the event was over to ask the speaker my questions.

3) In high school, I went to ask a girl out, got so nervous, I decided to ask her friend (who was standing next to her) out on a date instead.

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How did BostonSpeaks get started?

I knew I had to advance my communication skills if I wanted to become more successful in my personal and professional life. My passion is to be a lifelong student of communication and I'm here to help you discover the power of communication.




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