About Our Programs

BostonSpeaks offers numerous workshops, incubators and community events to help you meet and exceed your communication, leadership and business goals.


Our workshops are educational, experiential and results-oriented. They cater to a wide range of communication, leadership and business topics and to different levels of expertise. 


  • Discovery Workshops - 1 Hour & 30 Min 
  • Breakthrough Seminars - 3-6 Hours
  • One-Day Master Classes - 6-8 Hours
  • Multi-Week Courses - 4-12 Week Sessions


Our incubator programs provide individuals with the knowledge, mentorship, peers, industry connections and support to help them fuel their personal, professional dgrowth exponentially. Incubator programs are 6-12 months long and they offer an intensive dive into the subject matter to help individuals explore a new world of possibilities 

Community Events

Our community events are perfect to find new friends, build new relationships and get inspired. From networking events to our signature #BostonSpeaksSeries, there is something for every individual whether they are looking to expand their inner circle or gain new insights. 

Private Coaching

In today's world of ultra competitiveness and speed, more and more individuals are turning to private coaches to excel. Take your skills and growth to the next level by getting the attention you need. Nothing beats the experience of working with a professional mentor and private coach.

Corporate Training

BostonSpeaks training programs are catered and custom-designed for each client by conducting an assessment of the organization’s current situation, strengths, and weaknesses. Our curriculum can be adapted to fit your organization’s needs.