Conquering Your Mindset For Success

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Conquering Your Mindset For Success



TIME:  Thurs, April 19, 2018 | 06:00 PM – 07:30 PM | FREE

LOCATION:  50 Milk Street, Boston, MA 02109

Seats are limited and will be on first come, first serve basis

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Workshop Description:

This workshop will make you aware of your inner critic and how to overcome it. It will help identify what fears are holding you back. Jackie will help you understand how her mindset has contributed to every bit of her personal and professional success. She will give you tools to strengthen your mindset and challenge your inner critic. The real power comes after the workshop by taking action and committing effort towards your vision.

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Anyone who wants to understand why mindset is one of the most important keys to success. Self-reflect to understand how your mind might be preventing you from achieving success. Unlock the power within you with various tools.

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand why your mindset is key to success
  • Identify how to challenge the fear that rules your life; how to get “unstuck”
  • Learn tools to strengthen your mindset and create new practices

Important Notes:

  • Our in-person workshop experiences are created to host 10-15 individuals to foster learning and to spark lively discussions.
  • With any of our events, we ask that you committ to attending if you have RSVPed.
  • Seats are limited and will be on first come, first serve basis

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Who is Jackie Riso?

Jackie Riso is a small town girl from NH turned Bostonian, with relentless determination and dreams of being the passionate businesswoman she is now. She completed her bachelor’s degree in business management at Emmanuel College and her master’s degree in e-commerce, systems, and technology at Boston University. She is a Senior Project manager by day at Boston Children’s Hospital, positivity master by life. 

Jackie’s mission is to connect with others, to inspire positivity and strength. She recently launched her new website, A Glass Half Full, which reflects her mission. Jackie is an undeniable optimist. She is committed to sharing her voice and coaching others towards strengthening their mindset and developing a strong sense of self towards personal success. You can find her at, Instagram @j_riso or YouTube channel.

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