My 3 Cats

I have 3 cats (Inky, Lily and Kiwi) and they consistently teach me life lessons. For example, this one: How you do anything is how you do everything.

Inky: She's our fatso, she eats like a slob and she's just like a tank. She goes in head first and thinks later.

Lily: Out Hunter. She's swift, quiet and can jump the highest. If she was a person, I can see that she would strive for perfection.

Kiwi: We call her our princess. She sits like a princess, walks like a princess and eats like a princess. She's picky and she lifts her butt up in the air when she walks.

If our cats can talk, can you imagine how they would communicate with you? Inky would probably have no manners, Lily would probably be annoyed at you if you didn't get something right and Kiwi would probably listen and act pensive.

How you live your life dictates how you communicate as well. What's your lifestyle like?