Grandfather's Story

After a listening workshop, a participant approached me and told me that her grandfather shared this with her:

"When people tell you a story for the first time, pay attention to them. If that person comes back again and tells you the exact same story, what should you do? You have to really listen to them and pay more attention to them.

But what happens, if that same person comes back again and tells you the same story with the same details and same everything? 

You have to really be mindful and give them your undivided attention. Do you know why?

Every time that person is sharing their story with you, it's not because they want to be annoying, they are sharing how they are feeling with you."

You see, most people would stop paying attention or even interrupt midway and say, "You told me that already!". When we do this, we don't just shut them up, we shut their hearts up.