Work The Room

How do you work a room in a networking event? I recently attended an event called LinkedIn Local, a networking event with the theme of meeting your LinkedIn connections. Some people were great with people while others were pretending to be busy on their phones.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you maximize your next networking opportunity:

1. Ask The Organizer - You see, the organizer's job is to create a networking event. They want people to mingle and they are in the position to know more people than anyone there. Ask the organizer to introduce you to someone and tell them it's your first time or you don't know many people there.

2. Take The Initiative - Most people feel the same way..scared to approach. People are there to network, be the person that creates that opportunity.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Say Bye - We have all been there. The conversation is going a little bit too long. Just say "It was great chatting and learning more about you." (Then tell the reason to excuse yourself). Example: "I'm going to get more water."

Do you have any good networking tips?