Frothy Top

I needed coffee.

I don't drink coffee but I needed a new coffee sponsor for the monthly breakfast series that I host.

I walked into Ogawa Coffee, an exquisite coffee chain that was started in Kyoto, Japan. It was 7am and the place was packing! I went up to the barista and asked her "Is your manager around? I'm looking to talk to him or her about sponsoring coffee for an event."

She replied, "Sorry, he's not in right now but take his business card. Oh, why don't you also take mine if you can't get ahold of him."

As I was walking out the door, I looked at his card and then I looked at her card. On her card, her title reads,"World Champion Barista". This made my day!

I went back and asked her, "How the heck did you become a World Champ Barista?" In the midst of the 7am rush, she replied "Actually, just Google it. There's a championship for everything. But do you want to know what my secret sauce is? It's knowing how to listen to what my customers want. You see, it's quite easy for me to make a perfect cup of coffee for myself but you see Joe over there? He likes his coffee like mine but with foam on top. That makes all the difference."

Some people like a frothy top and some people don't. Great listeners understand how to pick up subtle indications that makes a world of a difference for the other person.