Communication Tricks: Independence Day Edition 

My wife woke up today (well, she wakes up every day) and she went downstairs to turn on Alexa, "Hey Alexa, Play".

I was upstairs and all I heard was "Stop, Alexa, Play, Next, Stop, Next, Stop. Then finally... Kit, what did you do to Alexa. It's only playing Hindi music."

Of course, I didn't do anything. I looked on the Alexa app and somehow it was switched to the Hindi Chartbusters channel.

Life has a funny way of communicating with you sometimes but it's always better to laugh, communicate and enjoy our time with each other.

Here Are 8 Communication Tricks You Can Use With Friends, Family and Loved Ones Today:

For Siri, Alexa and Google Voice:

  • Play firework sounds
  • Tell me a Fourth of July joke
  • Play The Star Spangled Banner
  • What is the population of the United States?
  • Wikipedia American Flag

3 Ridiculous Communication Tips You Can Learn From Aliens (From the movie Independence Day):

  • The Aliens Relied on 20th Century Human Satellite Technology for Communication 
    • Trick: Why would extraterrestrials default to inferior technology? They understand the importance of relating with others from where they are coming from. Do you?
  • Human Armies Across the World Were Able to Communicate via Morse Code
    • Trick: Simple and clear communication works best
  • Humans Tried to Communicate with the Aliens Using Flashing Lights
    • Trick: Humans are weird. Let's accept each other for our differences.