What Level Storyteller Are You?

I used to think that I didn't have any stories to tell. 

I thought my life was boring, mundane and average. You see, I was a level 1 storyteller.

The Three Levels of Storytelling

Level 1 - The Vacant Storyteller

  • You think that there's no point of storytelling
  • You believe that your life is boring and you don't have any great stories to tell
  • You think that storytelling is only for movies or for public speaking events
  • You do not understand or have invested time into studying storytelling

Level 2 - The Rookie Teller

  • You tell stories on a weekly basis but it does not concern your audience
  • You understand that storytelling is important and you want to learn more about effective storytelling
  • You spend more time telling stories than listening to other people's stories
  • You do not quite yet know how to strategically tell stories to achieve your objective

Level 3 - The Storytelling Leader

  • You find the right story for a particular audience and for the right purpose
  • You understand how to use your own experiences, history and culture to tell a story
  • You incorporate storytelling in all aspects of your daily communication (1 on 1, group, public speaking)
  • You are constantly working on your craft as a storyteller, like a master magician. 

What level are you at? I would love to hear.