The Random Screw

My friend (Hello Emily!) and I found a random giant screw in the park yesterday. Okay, it's not that giant, just not your average-sized screw.

Screws hold objects together.

On a daily basis, our thoughts hold us together. However, like screws, there are so many kinds. For example, we have positive thoughts, negative thoughts, creative thoughts or my favorite (silly thoughts) 😜

We have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. 

Here's the thing, what do you actually do with those extra screws that you get after building something? Do you keep them? Most people would want to write down all their thoughts, others are overwhelmed and some want to blurt them out all the time.

It's okay to let your thoughts go. You don't need all the screws in your life, just the good ones that will do the job.