Saying No, Setting a Limit, and Asserting Your Needs

Saying No, Setting a Limit, and Asserting Your Needs


TIME:  Tue, May 22, 2018 | 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM | FREE

LOCATION:  50 Milk Street, Boston, MA 02109

Seats are limited and will be on first come, first serve basis

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Workshop Description:

Do you intend to ask for a raise in your career? Are you looking for ways to be both assertive and respectful in communicating with your friends?Have you been wanting to ask your romantic partner to clean the dishes? How about providing constructive feedback to your employee/s? If you would like to learn a clear framework for saying no, setting a limit, and asserting a need, then this hands-on workshop is for you.

You will leave this workshop with clear process to organize your thinking, examine and reflect on your emotions, and feel confident that you can go into a conversation being authentic to yourself and respectful of the other person. Effective communication is important in every relationship you have, whether it’s your boss, colleague, family member, friend, roommate, romantic partner, and more, so let’s get going!

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Looking to be assertive, authentic, and honest, and also respectful 
  • Engaged or a desire to be self-aware and reflective 
  • Looking for a concrete, applicable concrete framework

What You'll Learn:

1. A clear framework for setting a limit, expressing a need, or saying no
2. Experience using this framework during the workshop
3. A worksheet for continued practice
4. My email address in case you get stuck or have questions after the workshop 

Important Notes:

  • Our in-person workshop experiences are created to host 10-15 individuals to foster learning and to spark lively discussions.
  • With any of our events, we ask that you committ to attending if you have RSVPed.
  • Seats are limited and will be on first come, first serve basis

Your Instructor - Emily Schweitzer

Passionate and deeply committed to personal transformation, Emily considers herself a life-long learner. She feels most authentic when embodying her core values of evergreen curiosity, vulnerability, experimentation, mindfulness, and acceptance. While themes of agriculture, sustainability, and leadership are woven throughout her professional resume, most notably her time as Senior Project Manager at Coalesce and in her current role in the financial industry, what you will not see is that from an early age Emily struggled with anxiety and depression - severely. It wasn’t until she came across dialectical behavioral therapy (or DBT) at age 23 that she began to move from surviving to thriving. Her years of personal experience as a patient and student of DBT have shown her the power that emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and mindfulness can have in shaping one’s thinking, behavior, relationships, and lens for viewing and interacting with the world around us. She looks forward to sharing her experience and continuing to learn.

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