Our Professional Development Training Topics


Business Communication Training

Effective communication training to help your staff enhance and hone their listening, communication, presentation, sales and people skills.

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Leadership & Management Training

Leaders are essential to every organization small and big. Our training will help your leaders examine their potential and take their leadership and management skills to the next level to improve their personal and business performance in all areas.

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Business Strategic Growth

Understand what it takes to take your organization to new heights by developing your ability to think strategically, innovate and maximize your competitive growth. 


BostonSpeaks training programs are catered and custom-designed for each client by conducting an assessment of the organization’s current situation, strengths, and weaknesses. Our curriculum can be adapted to fit your organization’s needs.

Our Training Programs Consist Of 4 Core Components

component 1 - Assessment


Interviews will be conducted with the lead organizer and/or current employees to customize the training. Individuals can also take self-evaluation tests based on the training.

component 2 - community building


Our programs are focused towards building and strengthening your community through creating a safe, friendly and warm environment through team-building activities, sharing sessions and emphasis on active and empathetic listening.

component 3 - skills based 


To increase the level of competency, creative problem-solving and self-reflection.

component 4 - action


Our trainings are action-based to drive individuals to take immediate action and apply what they have just learned. Participants will also develop plans to implement their new knowledge, awareness and skills.

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