BostonSpeaks training programs are educational, experiential and results-oriented to help individuals in your organization take immediate action and apply what they have just learned. Our programs are catered and designed to fit your organization's needs.

Effective Communication Workshop

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Case Study


Pixability - Google Named Pixability The Global Leader In Video Innovation.

Learn how Kit and BostonSpeaks helped their leaders and staff improve their public speaking and presentation skills. Learn more about Pixability.

In this video, the Pixability team came over to 50 Milk Street for a half-day training on public speaking. Hear what the team thought about the training!

Case Study


TERRACORPS/AMERICORPS- TerraCorps works at the intersection of the land trust and urban agriculture movements to create a future where land is the foundation of health and well-being for ALL people in EVERY community.

TerraCorps has been working with Kit and BostonSpeaks for a few years to help their members improve their communication, leadership and public speaking skills. Learn more about TerraCorps.

In this video, TerraCorps held a retreat in Western Massachusetts at the Rowe Center and Kit conducted a half-day training on Storytelling For Change.

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