BostonSpeaks training programs are catered and custom-designed for each client by conducting an assessment of the organization’s current situation, strengths, and weaknesses. Our curriculum can be adapted to fit your organization’s needs.

Our Training Programs Consist Of 4 Core Components


component 1 - Assessment


Interviews will be conducted with the lead organizer and/or current employees to customize the training. Individuals can also take self-evaluation tests based on the training.

component 2 - community building


Our programs are focused towards building and strengtheningyour community through creating a safe, friendly and warm environment through team-building activities, sharing sessions and emphasis on active and empathetic listening.

component 3 - skills based 


To increase the level of competency, creative problem-solving and self-reflection.

component 4 - action


Our trainings are action-based to drive individuals to take immediate action and apply what they have just learned. Participants will also develop plans to implement their new knowledge, awareness and skills.


Communication & Leadership Training

Effective communication and leadership training to help your staff enhance and hone their listening, communication, presentation, sales and people skills.

Our Professional Development Training & Workshops


Listen To Sell - Mastering Life's Most Power Skill

You want to be more influential as a sales professional, thought leader and entrepreneur. This is a no-nonsense training that will help you fine-tune your listening skills to make sales, close deals and inspire others. You will learn to how to develop key question strategies, gain insights from research about how people make choices and understand how you can harness the power of listening to position yourself as a trusted individual and attract more people to work with you.

Learning Objectives:

  • How To Create A Good Mindset For Listening
  • 7 Active Listening Techniques (From Hostage & Crisis Negotiators, Top Sales Producers & Therapists)
  • How To Develop Key Questions To Understand Your Communication partner
  • Role Playing And Exercises


Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

Effective and powerful presentations build rapport with your audience and get your message across in an engaging way. Whether in a meeting with a client, or to a board making investment decisions, presenting ideas with clarity and competence is key. Participants will learn public speaking theories and immediately put them into action by engaging in interactive public speaking exercises. Participants will present in front of the group.


  • How To Present And Speak To Build Trust Reputation And Credibility
  • Learn The S.P.E.A.K System To Master Your Presentation Skills
  • Impromptu Speaking Practice
  • How To Cope With Public Speaking Anxiety
  • Understand Body Language And Vocal Variety Secrets To Enhance Your Message
  • Public Speaking Delivery And Tips

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The Art of business storytelling

Storytelling allows us to learn and understand one another. When you tell a story, you are activating your audience’s mind to join you in a shared experience. In business, it’s crucial to understand how to effectively share stories to relate with one another. No matter if you just want to tell better stories to friends, co-workers or clients, this workshop will equip you with the necessary tools to tell engaging stories and grab the attention of others while creating authentic experiences together.

Learning Objectives

  • How To Make Facts Come Alive With Stories to come up with stories
  • The Ingredients Of Successful Storytelling
  • Ease Your Fear Of Telling Stories
  • Storytelling Tips And Tricks
  • Gain A Better Understanding Of The Art Of Storytelling

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