How Does The Dream Team Process Work?

There Are 3 Core Elements That Contributes To The Dream Team

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Bi-Weekly Meetings w/ Kit To Build Your Brand

  • The Vision Review
  • Outline
  • Ramp up
  • Marketing
  • Action
  • Meetings are 2-4 hours in length
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A Team That Learns Together Stays Together

  • Ongoing Dream Team exclusive learning programs to sharpen your business skills
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Building Relationships, Recognition and Accountability

  • Learn more about each other, collaborate on projects and accomplish goals. 
  • Check-in w/ Kit about overall Dream Team effectiveness. 


What Are One-On-One Dream Team Meetings?

A bi-weekly 2-4 hour meeting with Kit to help you plan and execute your business through the monthly Dream Team 5 Step Process.

BostonSpeaks Efforts:

  • Social Media Management to promote and engage your audience through the content that you will create during our meetings 
  • Videographer for you. Produce high quality educational material for social media, online course, video series and YouTube
  • Writer for you. Produce blog/e-books/other writing materials in your voice to engage and build a following
  • Workshops. We will organize 3 workshops (or more if you want) for BostonSpeaks (here are all the different programming you can create) and we will pitch you to teach 1 workshop somewhere else in Boston. 
  • Speaking Engagements. We will pitch you to at least 5 conferences, speaking engagements, influencers's podcasts and other events per week. My personal goal is to get you to be featured on someone else's podcast on a bi-weekly basis! 
  • Other - Create Online Courses, Webinars, Your Own Online Show, Let's Do It!

The Dream Team 5 Step Process

Step 1) The Vision Review

We will spend this time to discuss your ideas, goals and audience so that we can frame the work that you produce to resonate with your ideal clients. 

Step 2) Outline

Define your ideas and sharpen your thinking while we create an outline for me (Kit) and (You) to carry out work throughout the month.

Step 3) Ramp Up

This is another way of saying, now that we have an outline of what we want to produce...let's produce it. Ramping up is basically taking action to create. 

Step 4) Marketing

Putting the word out there. On the back-end, we will be helping to market and brand you. However, you will also have to add your personal touch to marketing as well. (Like actually telling people the things that you are doing!) 

Step 5) Action

Teach that workshop, speak at a conference, work with a client. As you take action, we will be there behind the scenes to capture your work (having a videographer tape your workshop, livestreaming what you are doing or using social media to capture the moment.)

Professional Development

Workshops will be hosted just for the Dream Team so that we can keep up-to-date with current trends and grow professionals. 

  • Workshops are optional.
  • Workshops will take place every 1st and 3rd Monday from 10am-11:30am at 50 Milk Street.
  • Workshops will be taught by Kit, Other Dream Team Members Or Local Experts
  • Topics: Sales, Social Media, Teaching Workshops, Branding And More (What Would You Like?)

Workshops are also a time where we can give each other feedback on how we are doing based on observations, notes and things we want to improve on.


There will be one Mastermind per month. Masterminds will last 3-4 hours. Masterminds serves 2 purposes:

1) Dream Team Review from Kit and BostonSpeaks staff on how we are doing + feedback from you of what we can do better.

2) Building The Team (Think of it as a mini-retreat) 

  • Group brainstorming 
  • Collaboration ideas
  • One-on-one time 
  • Referral networking with each other
  • Group support