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Josh Drean

Josh is a social entrepreneur, business consultant, and keynoter on entrepreneurship, strategic management, marketing, and effective communication. He has provided consulting services to local and international businesses and academic institutions and leads workshops and training on leadership development, getting paid to speak, persuasion, and public speaking. 

Josh lives in Boston with his wife, son, and super dog Tonks.

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Christopher Dube

Over the last 17 years, Christopher Dube (Founder: SIMPATICO Consulting & LEAVE YOUR LEGACY) has worked with hundreds of leaders in all aspects of society & business. 

Every one of those leaders were looking for their differentiating Edge that raised them & their organization above the noise barrier created by thousands of convoluted messages preaching action, with no path to success. 

Christopher believes the core of every success is comprised of a common thread tethering a a Results. 

That thread is found in the modern-day leader: 
It's the magic living inside PEOPLE WHO LEAD

Through Speaking, Consulting & Coaching modern-day leaders, Christopher's singular focus is dedicated to helping PEOPLE WHO LEAD create Impact in their organizations,  their industry & their lives by providing CLARITY on: 

* A Tangible, Strategic Plan
* A Resounding, Connected Message
* An Indelible Motivation of People
* An Impactful, Purpose-Driven Life

...These are the pillars that support lasting success inside PEOPLE WHO LEAD. 

☆ Transformational Leadership ☆ 
☆ Focused Autonomy ☆ 
☆ Resiliency ☆ 
☆ Purpose Driven Growth ☆ 

Expect Great Things...


Jennifer Earls

Jen is a Transformational Career and Life Coach, Group Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, and Dancer in her private practice, Dance With Life Consulting. It is Jen’s mission to support individuals, groups and teams in coming alive by discovering and channeling their unique gifts with clear purpose, vision, and strategic action to lead fulfilling lives and generate powerful impact! She is passionate about using contemplative practices, like mindfulness, movement/dance, guided visualization, and creative reflection to help people move forward inspired to create the life, work, and impact they desire. 

Before owning her private practice, she worked at MIT for 5 years in the Global Education and Career Development center, as well as part-time with private career consulting firm Aspire! Fulfilling Career Ambitions. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Tufts University, M.Ed. from Suffolk University, 360Reach Personal Branding Certification, Certificate in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, Koru Mindfulness Teacher Certification, and Four Forces Group Facilitator Certification. She is also a certified Yoga Instructor (200 hr.) and a professional Dance Instructor and Performer, mainly in the genres of Salsa/Latin Dance and Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement. 


Julie Grimm

Julie Grimm is passionate about helping individuals harness their awesomeness and live their greatest potential.  Julie has a Master's in Neurobiology, is a certified meditation teacher and is well on her way to true Jedi mastery.  She's helped bring emotional intelligence into the school system and corporate alike, and is always looking for ways to broadcast the importance of these skills.


Lucy meadows

Lucy Meadows is a certified career and life coach. She has 20 years’ experience as a manager, leader and entrepreneur, plus training in neuroscience-based coaching. She coaches and mentors people-mostly women-who want to thrive in their life and work. Lucy's website is

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Alexander Noren

Alexander is a financial strategist, business consultant, and trainer on leadership development, sales innovation, tax consulting, and strategic relationships.  He is an international business professional, CPA, and has worked for PwC, government contractors, international organizations, and charities to increase organizional efficiency and improve leadership strategy

Alexander is an MMA fighter, military man, and has a lovely wife, son, and another on the way. 

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Ngan Nguyen

Ngan H. Nguyen, Executive Coach and Life MasteryTM Consultant, is the Founder & President of Cintamani Group. Her company specializes in helping individuals and organizations accelerate their results and achieve their greatest potential through heart-centered programs and trainings using the DreamBuilder® System. Ngan has dedicated over 15 years to the study and understanding of self-leadership, transformational coaching, universal principles of success, and visionary leadership. Prior to Cintamani Group, Ngan spent over 10 years as a Strategy Advisor in Fortune 100 companies and at McKinsey & Company, helping business leaders solve their most pressing challenges. Ngan’s passion is helping people ignite the spark of their vision and tapping into their genius so that they can accelerate their results and experience the impact, influence, and success they desire. Her belief is that time is precious so let’s have fun creating our best life!

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Jackie Riso

Jackie Riso is a small town girl from NH turned Bostonian, with relentless determination and dreams of being the passionate businesswoman she is now. She completed her bachelor’s degree in business management at Emmanuel College and her master’s degree in e-commerce, systems, and technology at Boston University. She is a Senior Project manager by day at Boston Children’s Hospital, positivity master by life. 

Jackie’s mission is to connect with others, to inspire positivity and strength. She recently launched her new website, A Glass Half Full, which reflects her mission. Jackie is an undeniable optimist. She is committed to sharing her voice and coaching others towards strengthening their mindset and developing a strong sense of self towards personal success. You can find her at, Instagram @j_riso or YouTube channel.

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Kit Pang

Kit Pang is a Communication Expert, TEDxInbound and Keynote speaker and the Founder of BostonSpeaks. He is on a mission to help individuals become exceptional speakers and communicators. Kit's seminars and talks have been credited as super fun, engaging, soul-searching and insightful. His happy clients include individuals from organizations such as Dell, Delta, RE/MAX, Harvard or MIT. @kitpangx | @boston_speaks

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Elena Raileanu

Elena moved to the U.S. from Moldova where she worked as an Investigative Journalist and developed a genuine interest in people and their stories. Once in Boston, she transferred those skills into her first job  as an Employment Coach at a non-profit, helping people with disabilities find jobs and later as a Recruiting Consultant for various Start-ups,  Staffing Agencies, Global Investment Managers and Insurance Companies. 

For the past 10 years she has developed a good eye for talent and gained understanding of the most important elements of career growth. While she continues to work and learn, she is sharing her experience and consultations with active and passive job seekers through Career Workshops at Goodwill and ESOL for Human Services. 


Sarah Salbu

Sarah is communications professional who has realized the potential of social media. She has used Twitter to network and be hired by two companies (so far!) and she used it to create countless relationships that have been mutually beneficial for herself, the organizations she represent and the people she connects with. It's worked for her every step of the way and now you can learn the power of social media.


Sankeetha Selvarajah

Sankeetha Selvarajah Esq., is a corporate attorney and small business consultant for nearly 10 years. She is co-founder of Strata Advisory (an advisory board for hire) and Founder of, a resource for business owners. On average she reads over 75 business plans a year and sits on pitch panels for the CWE and internal advisory boards.

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Steve Slavsky

As the founder of Tri-Bridge Presentations, Steve Slavsky works with businesses and individuals involved in growth and transition through Get To The Message© presentation workshops, and consulting on public speaking, business, product, and customer development.

Steve is passionate about improving communication and discovering new possibilities in dynamically changing environments, and committed to applying his skills and experiences to help others move through the critical transitions in their lives and at work. From project reviews, sales presentations, and technical discussions, to workshops, executive reporting and attracting investment capital, Steve has experience in presenting to all kinds of varied audiences. Sharing this knowledge and experience to improve communication is what Steve is all about.

Steve also dances and teaches Argentine Tango. But that's another story...


Sean Thomas Smith

I was always the shy, quiet guy. I knew if I wanted to change, I had to make drastic changes. I'm hoping to help others through the same transformation. I hope you can join my workshop: You're Not as Shy as You Think - Networking for Introverts.


Scott Stolze

Scott Stolze is the Founder of Teaching 2 Lead, and the Innovator of the life changing program, "Create Your Great -- How To Create Your Dream Career".   Scott believes everyone deserves to have fulfillment and joy in the work they do, and that the way to do that is by owning your career and creating your fulfillment.  

"My goal is to help thousands of people take ownership of their career and create fulfillment in the work they do", says Scott.  "I want to help people create a path in which they're doing what they want to do, not what they feel they have to do or should be doing. Create Your Great, and enjoy what you are doing today and every day." 

Scott also teaches leadership principles and leadership development to individuals, groups and organizations.  Inspired to lead a better life, to become a better leader and to be accountable, Scott focuses every day on learning how to lead himself in better and more effective ways, and sharing those experiences and that knowledge with others. 

Scott recently spent over 5 years with CVS Health (Fortune 10 company) in Leadership roles in which management skills and personal accountability were essential, and now he wants to expand on and share what he has learned and continues to learn outside of the corporate walls. Scott lives in Boston, MA, but he likes to be known as someone who will travel to and be anywhere where he can provide value.


Catherine Storing

Catherine specializes in working with committed leaders & professional men and women who are willing & ready to serve others on a larger scale. However, they know they need the confidence, guidance, & tools to successfully embrace their authentic voice in order to write impactful & relevant content/books. 

Catherine struggled for twenty years to finish her first book until FINALLY in 2015 she finished her first book and she has not stopped writing. She is now the author of 15 books – several of them are best-selling books that are helping people develop more confidence and self-esteem all over the world. Catherine’s books and writing empower others to embrace, celebrate and showcase their uniqueness, beauty and gifts. 

What differentiates Catherine from other Book Writing Coaches, writers, ghostwriters, and teachers is that she experienced the struggle herself. She is able to not only empathize with her students and clients but also she knows how to help them overcome their struggles in easy-to-follow and fun ways. Catherine believes that EVERY PERSON has a book inside of them and she can help them birth that book.


Emily Schweitzer

Passionate and deeply committed to personal transformation, Emily considers herself a life-long learner. She feels most authentic when embodying her core values of evergreen curiosity, vulnerability, experimentation, mindfulness, and acceptance. While themes of agriculture, sustainability, and leadership are woven throughout her professional resume, most notably her time as Senior Project Manager at Coalesce and in her current role in the financial industry, what you will not see is that from an early age Emily struggled with anxiety and depression - severely. It wasn’t until she came across dialectical behavioral therapy (or DBT) at age 23 that she began to move from surviving to thriving. Her years of personal experience as a patient and student of DBT have shown her the power that emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and mindfulness can have in shaping one’s thinking, behavior, relationships, and lens for viewing and interacting with the world around us. She looks forward to sharing her experience and continuing to learn.



Claudia Thompson

Claudia Thompson is President of her own networking events and training company Claudia Connects. She loves helping people grow and develop their businesses, while also helping them build relationships. Claudia is also a Director Consultant and Chapter Launch Director with the International networking referral organization BNI and has also been a sales/marketing executive with Kyocera Document Solutions for the past 14 years.

Claudia loves serving others and giving back to the community. She most recently served as the Director of Member Relations for the Boston Business Women and has previously sat on the board for the Women of Color AIDS Council, Self-Esteem Boston & YogaHope. Claudia also is the Founder and Organizer of Single Mothers United, is a mentor in the Mother Caroline Academy Mentoring Program and sits on the Board of the Boston Women's Fund.

In her spare time, Claudia loves spending time at home with her son Michael, traveling around the world, trivia nights and enjoying all types of Vegan cuisine. She also loves staying active by performing with OnStage Dance Company & Boston Bollywood throughout the year, running marathons and working out with the Boston-based free fitness movement November Project!