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Cami Baker

Cami Baker is America’s Authority on The Cause Marketing Movement! She is an international speaker, author of Mingle to Milllions and TV Show Host. You may have seen her on HGTV’s House Hunters, Celebrity Apprentice or hundreds of other media outlets including Success from Home magazine. 

Her unique ability to see opportunity where others do not, gives Cami’s clients the rare combination of immediate business and long term client loyalty. This is done through Badass Personal Branding and an Outstanding Marketing Campaign like no other. 

Social responsibility isn’t just the right thing to do, it is the necessary thing to do in business today. Is Your Brand On Cause?

Cami Baker

David Newkirk

David is a visionary, innovator and strategic advisor to businesses. He is a two-time entrepreneur and is currently Founder & Principal of Ethos Consulting LLC. Prior to Ethos Consulting David has been an Executive for technology and financial service companies ranging in size from VC start-up with less than 10 employees to multinationals with over 40,000 employees.

Today, David uses his prior experience leading all aspects of an organization to empower people and help them find and sustain success, boosting performance & accelerating growth. He also believes understanding people through emotional intelligence is an important ingredient to achieving success as an entrepreneur, business owner or leadership team.

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Ashley Paré

Ashley Paré is the Founder and CEO of Own Your Worth LLC, an organization on a mission to break glass ceilings through career negotiation. As a Leadership Coach, Negotiation Expert, and Speaker, Ashley works with women who want to feel confident when they ask for what they want in life and career. 

Ashley leverages over 12 years' experience in global Human Resources and she consults with start-ups to create inclusive cultures. She has been featured in The New York Times, PBS News Hour, CNN Money, and Boston Voyager Magazine. 

Ashley holds a Master's certificate in HR Management, has traveled the world, and lives in Boston with her husband. You can connect with her at

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Dhanashree Ram

Dhanashree Ram is a certified meditation instructor. She trained with the world renowned meditation teacher, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She has been a meditation practitioner for over 30 years and has taught meditation to audiences from around the world. She is the founder of Mass Yoga Meditation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making meditation integral to mainstream lifestyle. She also runs a start-up, Nous Lab. Nous Lab makes user-centric meditation products with state-of-the art experience design. She hosts meditation workshops at corporate offices, government institutions, schools and colleges.

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Sheri Saginor

Sheri Saginor is an award-winning speechwriter and the president of Smart Speeches, a Boston-based communications firm. As a speechwriter and communications consultant, she helps business executives and nonprofit leaders inform, persuade, and inspire live audiences. With over twenty years of experience as a writer, speaker, and performer, she brings to her work a true passion for the spoken word.


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Emily Schweitzer

Passionate and deeply committed to personal transformation, Emily considers herself a life-long learner. She feels most authentic when embodying her core values of evergreen curiosity, compassion, experimentation, and service. While themes of agriculture, community organizing, and sustainability are woven throughout her graduate studies and professional resume (working for the government, an operating foundation, sustainability management consulting, and now finance), what you will not see is that from an early age Emily struggled with anxiety and depression - severely. It wasn’t until she came across dialectical behavioral therapy (or DBT) at age 23 that she began to shift from surviving to thriving. Her years of personal experience as a patient and student of DBT have shown her the power that emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and mindfulness can have in shaping one’s thinking, behavior, relationships, and lens for viewing and interacting with the world around us. She looks forward to sharing her experience and continuing to learn.

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Steve Slavsky

"Communication is the basis of relationships, community, and civilization. Effective communication creates clearer understanding, and leads to improved ideas, decisions, and outcomes, which can have a positive impact on the issues facing the world today. I foster growth by sharing my knowledge and experience to help improve communication - and in my own way, the world." Steve Slavsky

Steve is a broadly skilled, technically trained, C-level executive with a diverse business background, and over 30 years of experience speaking in all types of situations to all sizes of audiences. Steve understands the pressure that speakers experience, and how to become more confident and comfortable as a speaker. He provides customized coaching, workshops, and classes for his clients. 

Steve is passionate about discovering possibilities in dynamically changing environments, and committed to applying skills and experiences to help others move through the critical transitions in their lives and at work. Sharing this knowledge and experience to improve communication in organizations is what Tri-Bridge is about.

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Scott Stolze

Scott Stolze is a Career Coach and the Founder/Innovator of Create Your Great -- How To Create Your Dream Career. Scott's mission is to help thousands of people take ownership of their career and create fulfillment in the work they do. Having worked 18 years in corporate and three years in non-profit, Scott leverages his experience and passion for leadership to help others get clarity on their purpose and create the career and life of their dreams. Prior to founding Create Your Great in 2017, Scott spent over five years in management roles with CVS Health, a Fortune 10 company. Scott also worked in Program and Client Management with two technology companies in the 2000s before spending a year in New Orleans doing volunteer work on recovery efforts related to Hurricane Katrina, after which he founded the non-profit organization, Furnishing For Hope.

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Catherine Storing

Catherine E. Storing is an international Best Selling Author & Speaker. Catherine has worked with faith-based leaders, C-level Executives, Presidents/Founders of corporations & entrepreneurs ready and eager to connect with their audience using their message/expertise. Catherine is here to help you bring your stories to life to transform the way you lead and sell.

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Claudia Thompson

Claudia Thompson is President of her own networking events and training company Claudia Connects. She loves helping people grow and develop their businesses, while also helping them build relationships. Claudia is also a Director Consultant and Chapter Launch Director with the International networking referral organization BNI and has also been a sales/marketing executive with Kyocera Document Solutions for the past 14 years.

Claudia loves serving others and giving back to the community. She most recently served as the Director of Member Relations for the Boston Business Women and has previously sat on the board for the Women of Color AIDS Council, Self-Esteem Boston & YogaHope. Claudia also is the Founder and Organizer of Single Mothers United, is a mentor in the Mother Caroline Academy Mentoring Program and sits on the Board of the Boston Women's Fund.

In her spare time, Claudia loves spending time at home with her son Michael, traveling around the world, trivia nights and enjoying all types of Vegan cuisine. She also loves staying active by performing with OnStage Dance Com[any & Boston Bollywood throughout the year, running marathons and working out with the Boston-based free fitness movement November Project!

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Linda Ugelow

Linda Ugelow is a presentation and confidence coach who helps new and seasoned professionals overcome the fear of public speaking while communicating effortlessly and effectively across different media. 

As a performer of 35 years and with a master’s degree in expressive therapies and movement studies, she’s been helping people get comfortable in their own skin for decades. 

Linda is also the producer and host of the TV show Women Inspired and has been featured in Money Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Inspired Coach Magazine, mindbodygreen, Positively Positive, and Thrive Global as well as on numerous podcasts. She makes occasional appearances at storytelling slams, has presented at the European Positive Psychology conference in Angers, France and was host/emcee at the TEDx Debrecen University in Hungary.


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Stacey Wiessbock

Focused On Enabling Individual Professional Evolution, Through Customized Strategies And An Interactive Project Plan After enduring her own professional changes over two decades, through different industries, andrealizing no one was supporting professional evolution except Coaches and Career Development officesat the University level, Stacey Wiessbock recognized that she and others around her needed moresupport because the business and employment landscape was evolving so rapidly through technology,innovation, and geopolitical change.

So in the 2010 recession, sitting on the beach she launched herConsulting practice tapping into her experiences and successes with her own multiple industry changes,a well connected rolodex with mentors and successful leaders for guidance, a vast tool box ofcommunications, sales, project management, marketing and development skills, as well as a BA inJournalism from Seton Hill University.

Move ahead to 2016, and needing to enable greater opportunities both personally and professionally,Stacey relocated to Boston. Bringing with her five years of entrepreneurial success and the passion toenable change, along with the understanding that the key to each client success is consistentlyemploying a combined and customized approach that provides individuals with long term strategies,tools and solutions for their professional evolution, by helping them move past barriers, in addition toidentifying and achieving their professional goals.

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