How Strong Emotional Intelligence Will Boost Your Career

How Strong Emotional Intelligence Will Boost Your Career


TIME:  Wed, May 23, 2018 | 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM | FREE

LOCATION:  50 Milk Street, Boston, MA 02109

Seats are limited and will be on first come, first serve basis

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Workshop Description:

Why is there a plethora of business advice focusing on the practical aspects, but so little on how to manage the single most important factor in your success: You.

Are you trying to grow your business but stand in your own way? Find it hard to deal with stress, setbacks or rejection? Struggle to build relationships and influence key partners or clients? Want to learn how to manage yourself better, or understand others?

Research shows that our 'emotional intelligence' is responsible for up to 80% of the factors that determine how 'successful' we are in our business and personal lives. It's not our IQ, education, or family background that are most important, but our ability to recognize, interpret and manage the emotions of ourselves, and those of others.

Join us for an interactive workshop to learn more about how to improve your emotional intelligence and find the success you've always wanted.

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn what emotions are and why we have them
  • Understand what emotional intelligence is and why it’s important
  • Increase your self awareness
  • Gain better self control
  • Develop empathy for others
  • Become a better communicator

Important Notes:

  • Our in-person workshop experiences are created to host 10-15 individuals to foster learning and to spark lively discussions.
  • With any of our events, we ask that you committ to attending if you have RSVPed.
  • Seats are limited and will be on first come, first serve basis

Your Instructor - Scott Stolze

Scott Stolze is the Founder of Teaching 2 Lead, and the Innovator of the life changing program, "Create Your Great -- How To Create Your Dream Career". Scott believes everyone deserves to have fulfillment and joy in the work they do, and that the way to do that is by owning your career and creating your fulfillment.

"My goal is to help thousands of people take ownership of their career and create fulfillment in the work they do", says Scott. "I want to help people create a path in which they're doing what they want to do, not what they feel they have to do or should be doing. Create Your Great, and enjoy what you are doing today and every day."

Scott also teaches leadership principles and leadership development to individuals, groups and organizations. Inspired to lead a better life, to become a better leader and to be accountable, Scott focuses every day on learning how to lead himself in better and more effective ways, and sharing those experiences and that knowledge with others.

Scott recently spent over 5 years with CVS Health (Fortune 10 company) in Leadership roles in which management skills and personal accountability were essential, and now he wants to expand on and share what he has learned and continues to learn outside of the corporate walls. Scott lives in Boston, MA, but he likes to be known as someone who will travel to and be anywhere where he can provide value.

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