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Public speaking & presentation Coach

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I help people to become confident, persuasive public speakers and presenters by focussing on the message and the audience. I work with clients to create a strong connections with the audience.

Most people have some level of discomfort when speaking in front of an audience. They let fear of failure, or judgment of others get in the way of communicating effectively. I work with people to identify and overcome their fears, provide them with useful presentation tools, and create clear connection and communication with their audience. 

A broadly skilled, technically trained C-level executive with a diverse business background, and over 30 years of experience speaking in all types of situations to all sizes of audiences, I understand the pressure that speakers experience, and how to become more confident and comfortable as a speaker. I provide customized coaching and workshops for my clients. 

I am passionate about discovering possibilities in dynamically changing environments, and committed to applying skills and experiences to help others move through the critical transitions in their lives and at work. From project reviews, sales presentations, and technical discussions, to executive reporting and attracting investment capital, Steve has experience in presenting to all kinds of varied audiences. Sharing this knowledge and experience to improve communication in organizations is what Tri-Bridge is about.

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Private Coaching

Working One-On-One With A Customized Plan To Help You Become A Powerful Public Speaker 

Presentation Design

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Get To The Message Presentation Workshops

Storytelling / Physical Tools of Public Speaking

Connecting With The Audience

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Speaking Topics

How To Connect With Your Audience

Overcoming The Fear Of Public Speaking

My Story - Surviving Cancer And Pursuing My Dream

Events and Workshops with Steve Slavsky

Here are events and workshops that Steve has hosted at BostonSpeaks! Check out our Workshops and Events page to see what she will be leading in the next month. Are you interested in a workshop for you business? Contact Steve to learn more!

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