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You & BostonSpeaks (DreamTeam)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Thank you for meeting with me privately and in groups during the past few weeks. One of the TEDx speakers that I was coaching said "My TEDx talk ended up being a hit because it was a mix of everyone's feedback on my original idea." This was the same intention that I had going in when I was first pitching the Dream Team. Over the past few weeks, I had the chance to listen to your concerns, questions and ideas. Thank you so much for investing your time and mindset already.

I am going to need you to be serious about this if you are to commit. This commitment will be a lifestyle change. As it will also be a lifestyle change for me as well. Please read below for what The Dream Team will comprised of. Be aware that things might have changed since we have talked. If you do not think this might be the best fit for you at this time, please let me know and I will certainly understand.

Your Tech Tools Access Under BostonSpeaks (Isn't it so much better when we can all share resources!)

MeetEdgar ($49/mo) - Automate Your Social Media Posts To Your Personal/Biz Social Media Account

Grum ($17.70/mo)- Automate Your Instagram Scheduling

Poplink ($79 / Month) - Poplink adds a call-to-action to the links you share. (When you share other people's content) Does that make sense? Like this link, my popup goes on Eventbrite's website.

Plutio ($26/mo)- Basically one app to manage projects, tasks, invoice, files and everything in between

Mailchimp or Convertfox ($79/mo)-  Automation/Email Marketing

pCloud ($48/yr)- 500GB of space storage, easy to share links with others to download without them downloading or installing a program.